September 23rd, 2017

Got Graffiti?

A+ Advanced Tinting offers the Glass Repair Industry’s most advanced process for removing hard water spots, the deepest of scratches or acid damage, commonly resulting from graffiti vandalism or construction errors on all types of flat glass.

We offer professional window cleaning & pressure washing for residential and commercial accounts. All types of window cleaning and power washing. Insured-Bonded

We specialize in the restoration of damaged glass. Whether by scratching, graffiti etching or careless cleaning. We are able to renovate glass so it is restored to its optimum condition.

On-site polishing and restoration services to treat surface damage such as etched scratch’s, graffiti, corrossion weld and grinder splatter etc.


“We have removed defects (scratches, rub marks, etc.) in more than 12 pieces of glass. This allowed us to maintain our delivery dates to our customers without reordering glass. I’m very satisfied with the service and look forward to using it for many years to come.”

“Our stucco crew accidently damaged several windows in a multi-million dollar home on Siesta Key. The cost of replacing the impact resistant glass was more than the cost of the entire stucco job. Barbas Building was able to polish the scratches out at a fraction of the replacement cost and we avoided a costly claim on our insurance too.”

“A+ Advanced Tinting has allowed us to save significant amount of glass that in the past we would have thrown out.”

“Your technology potentially saved over $10,000 in glass that might have been thrown away. Thanks again for developing such an outstanding product and process.”

  • California State Contractor #

    Lincense: 909705

    Insured & Bonded


    ADWTADWT: Just got awarded a 4 story building downtown LA.
    6 years ago
    ADWTADWT: Another successful day we were at the Ritz Carlton installing a heat reduction film on the 28th floor,
    6 years ago
    ADWTADWT: Today we had a successfull day we close out 3 jobs and ready for tommorow
    6 years ago
    ADWTADWT: We are installing ASWF Moonlight 5 on about 70 windows today that's about 2000 sqft of glass
    6 years ago